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Gymstar offers events for Gymstar 1-10 gymnasts. There are 4 styles of events to cater for the various needs of gymnasts and clubs.  For more information on Gymstar events click on the link below.
Important note regarding judges

Please note that effective as of 28/08/2017there will be a fine of $200 per session for any club that fails to supply a judge as rostered. We encourage clubs to seek out representative judges well in advance for each event to avoid this fine. Judges can be found and contacted directly through the Gymstar group (direct contact is often faster than posting). WAG or MAG judges that have read through both Gymstar manuals may also act as judging representatives.  

Gymstar Event Information

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Gymstar 2017 Calendar Ver 8 (updated 29.8)

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Event entry must be made before the event closing date. To enter an event please do one of the following:

Complete and submit the form below : please use a seperate form for each event you enter                   OR
  • Email details direct to gymstar -
  • Please use a seperate form for each event you enter - for example, if you are entering gymnasts in both Challenge and Competition events for the same date, please submit 2 entries.
  • Confirmation of entry will be sent out within the week of entry.

Event Entry Form - Please use a separate form for each event (even if they are running at the same date and venue)